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Project Status: COMPLETED

Construction Start: October 1987
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Completion: January 1990

Project Description & Statistics

The Tarry Building, located at 300 East Superior Street, within the McGaw Medical Center, on the Chicago Campus of Northwestern University, is an expansion of the existing facilities in the adjacent complex made up of the Montgomery Ward Memorial Building, the Morton Medical Research Building, and the Searle Medical Research Building. It was developed to provide research and education space for basic science, clinical research, teaching and support services.

The Tarry Research & Education Building, a 17-story high rise structure, is situated on a typically compact downtown site, approximately 105' x 148'. In addition to laboratories, offices and support facilities, the building includes the Chicago Campus loading dock, utility shafts to facilitate future upgrading of adjacent buildings, and underground connections to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The design team was challenged by limited floor-to-floor elevations which were required in order to accommodate inter-connection with the existing adjacent buildings.

Project Cost: ~$60,000,000

Project Team

Project Management

Gabor M. Zsolnay, Facilities Design and Construction

I It HippoWarehouse Tote 42cm Beach Shopping litres Are Nargles Quote Bag Behind 10 Coral Suspect The x38cm Gym Architect, Engineers & Consultants

Perkins & Will (Chicago, IL), Lead Architect & Engineer
Earl Walls & Associates (San Diego, CA), Laboratory Planning
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assoc. (Chicago, IL), Precast & Curtain wall

General Contractor

Schal Bovis, Inc. (Chicago, IL)